William and Kristie both "swiped right" on July 30, 2014 in New York City, but it would take several more weeks before the pair met up for their first date.  After some playful banter on Tinder (and some Google stalking), Kristie decided he was harmless and gave him her number.  Her subconscious had other ideas though and she accidently gave him the wrong number!  It took a couple of weeks for her to realize her mistake and share the correct number, and they finally set a date to meet up on August 23, 2014 at Ulysses Tavern. In true William fashion, he scheduled the date within a 5 block radius from his house, meaning Kristie would have to travel all the way from the Upper East Side to the Financial District.  As Kristie was making her way downtown, she received a text from William saying that he was running "about 45 minutes late".  (Years later it was discovered that William was on another date, tsk tsk, Mr. William Yeack).  Overall, the first date went well.  Kristie and William enjoyed drinks and conversation at Ulysses Tavern, explored a pirate ship in the Seaport District, had their first kiss, and enjoyed another drink at the Trading Post.  The night ended around 9pm when William fell asleep at the second bar. 

The next few months went a little something like this: They went on a date, Kristie texted William, "Thanks for the date!", William would respond 3-7 days later, Kristie wondered, "Is he ghosting me?"...on and on this went, until...

While William was with his family for Thanksgiving that same year, he was crowdsourcing opinions for who he should date: Kristie or another girl - DUN DUN DUNNN!  Their pictures were up on the wall and votes were being cast. Kristie ended up winning with 2 out of 3 votes - close one! It was settled, William was going to ask Kristie to be his girlfriend!  On December 19, William and Kristie officially became boyfriend and girlfriend.  They spent the next few years traveling the world, moving in, and constantly making each other laugh. 

On March 30, 2018, William got down on one knee and asked Kristie to marry him in Napa Valley, California